Money at Cornell

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Money at Cornell

Postby mb88 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:14 pm

Are there any websites that track what kind of scholarships and grants Cornell gives out to students based on merit? While I haven't been accepted yet, I have a 171 LSAT and a 3.56 GPA. LSP puts me at just shy of auto-admit, and I'll really be needing any kind of scholarship money they could throw my way. I'm hoping my numbers will snag me an acceptance or two at Michigan/Penn/UVA, but they probably won't grant me much money, and I might be able to use their acceptances as leverage with Cornell.

Does anybody have any experience in this matter? I can't really find much solid info besides, "Here at Cornell we give alot of people money, you might get some!"

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Re: Money at Cornell

Postby joshhoward » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:32 pm

check LSN

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