Feb LSAT question - should I cancel? Do schools see?

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Feb LSAT question - should I cancel? Do schools see?

Postby fonzerelli » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:59 am

Quick question - I applied for an lsac fee waiver rather late in the game and got it. I had already paid for two LSAT's out of my own pocket... Sept and Dec.

Anyways, re: the fee waiver, it included 2 free LSAT's so I signed up for February just in case. My Dec score was good enough so in all of my applications I didn't include "will be taking in Feb/etc" but I am still registered for it.

So I just recieved an email from a school wishing me luck in the Feb LSAT - which means LSAC is handing that info out to everyone. Is this going to hold up my apps even though I didn't include FEB as a future LSAT date? Should I just go ahead and cancel it?

To be honest... I was hoping to just take the FEB lsat for fun.... you know, relaxed, just to see what could potentially happen when taking it with absolutely no pressure. I was thinking that if I pulled a 170+ and I'm waitlisted anywhere, it could be a little Ace up my sleeve to forward to the adcoms.

What to do.... I'm worried that all the schools I sent my apps to will see that I'm still registered for Feb. Should I cancel?

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