Know LSAT/GPA, Thinking about Fall 2012

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Know LSAT/GPA, Thinking about Fall 2012

Postby phillipjg » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:49 am

Graduated in August, took the December LSAT. Ended up getting a job in between taking the test and getting my scores, which combined with some personal circumstances has put off law school for a couple of years.

170 LSAT/ 2.9 GPA. I'm thinking of applying this September for fall 2011, and then I can defer another year if I get into a school I want. Otherwise at least I know where I stand. I've gotten ton of fee waivers from top schools: UVA, UCLA, etc. Am I going to be able to get waivers if I miss this cycle? Are most schools amenable to deferrals? Would it be worth me retaking the LSAT? I studied for 40 hours in November, so there's hopefully room for improvement.

I'm looking at schools like Alabama and Wake Forest (top 50 schools in the South that are generous with financial aid.) Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Know LSAT/GPA, Thinking about Fall 2012

Postby MURPH » Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:49 am

I was in the same boat last year 2.98/170. All my application fee waivers were carried over until this year. I wrote them emails asking them to do so. I also tutored students to take the LSAT for $30-50/hr and then retook it and got a 175 in Sept. I am glad I waited the extra year. I got into Minnesota and have a bunch of applications out now.

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