Planning retake in June, apply now?

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Planning retake in June, apply now?

Postby derwin » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:05 pm

I sent out a few apps already to T10 schools, but my #'s mean I had ought to be applying to lower T14 and T30 schools. I plan to retake the LSAT in June, and I would bet a good chunk of change on 175+.

Do you think I should still be applying to schools, especially lower T14 and T30 schools? I don't think I could let myself goto GW or WUStL without having first taken the LSAT again, but my friends say its always good to have options.
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Re: Planning retake in June, apply now?

Postby jarofsoup » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:18 pm

If you apply now tell the schools that you want them to to consider your application with your current score.

Even if you score much higher it will hurt you to be so late in the cycle. So retaking may not help you for this cycle.

You should just apply as soon as possible. You will get into a good school.

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