CA Residency Question

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CA Residency Question

Postby rw2264 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:31 pm

I lived my whole life in CA, then came to school on the east coast. after graduating in may i went to LA for 4.5 months and then came back to NY. i am attempting to get a job here until law school. i maintain my permanent address in CA and my driver's license.
my question: would a UC deny me in-state tuition? there's a 366 day physical presence requirement i won't be meeting, but i think i could argue that my extended visit to NY is for pleasure (akin to living a year abroad?) and not to establish my life here, and that would mean i still have my residency.

also, i found a form online that was an application to be exempted from out-of-state fees if you went to high school in CA, but that was on the Davis UG website and UC Hastings's website didn't mention it at all.

does anyone know anything about this??

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