Year Off Supplementary Sheet?

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Year Off Supplementary Sheet?

Postby KafkaLover » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:27 pm

One of my schools is requiring me to submit a supplementary sheet of my activities if I have been out of school for six months or more at the point I enroll in law school. Unfortunately, I have been unemployed for the past six months. Here's what happened:

-Graduated in May with the intent of taking two years off with Teach for America
-Got accepted into TFA, but TFA messes with me until June/July still trying to "place me" in the country
-TFA finally tells me I can go to DC
-Last minute I have to decline the offer as a sudden family situation makes me unable to relocate
-Have been unemployed ever since

I have applied EVERYWHERE, service jobs, bank jobs, you name it. It's been really frustrating. In that time I haven't done too much really worthwhile, minor volunteer work, worked on my novel-in-progress, ect. How should I represent this to the admissions committee? Should I even mention the TFA situation?

I appreciate any input. :)

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