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disciplinary addendum help

Postby sikwitt » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:38 am

So when applying for schools I talked to my friend who was applying for med school from the same university. He told me that med school applicants from our school were told that they did not have to list disciplinary citations on their applications because they were not reported by our school. Going on this advice, I did not list my one citation which was breaking dorm rules regarding having a girl over past a certain hour (catholic univ.) Anyhow, two schools I applied to ask for Dean's Certification that I am in good standing(Stanford and Cornell). When I called Stanford to see if they recieved this form, they told me that it showed I was cited in 09 but this was not on my application. I sent them an addendum that they said would be added to my file. Im now worried about what to do with the other schools. Cornell will get the same form with the same citation. I know that some schools require this form after admittance. In addition, I am worried about what bar fitness later on. What should I do? Should I send this addendum to each school now and if I do, should I explain to them why I left this off my application in the first place? Am I screwed here or is this not that big of a deal? Lastly, should I apply to a few more schools just in case? Pleace help.

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