Chances at Drexel/Villanova/Temple??!!

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Chances at Drexel/Villanova/Temple??!!

Postby Plutonium » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:47 pm

I have a 3.73 GPA, hard major, graduated in 3 years, cum laude, 320/3000 class rank, worked part-time entire undergrad, two full scholarships for study abroad, lots of languages, lots of great softs.
I'm also from a different country, family emigrated here in early 90's to escape war, lots of hardship, etc etc.
LSAT: 151, HORRIFIC, I KNOW, but I'm over it, unless I get rejected everywhere.

I'd like to know REALISTICALLY my chances at Drexel, Temple & Villanova.

I'm freaking out. I applied to Drexel in November, saw the first round of replies went out last week.

I can't stop checking status checker, its seriously becoming a compulsive illness.

I'm going to apply to Temple and Villanova this week. Do I have a shot, or should I re-do my LSAT??


thank you!!

-p :shock:

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Re: Chances at Drexel/Villanova/Temple??!!

Postby NosferatuDracon » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:16 am

Temple has a nice scholarship for people coming from a unique and diverse background. Based on what you've written above, with a killer personal statement you might still have a chance given that your GPA is high enough to offset your LSAT least a little...

In addition to applying I would suggest studying and retaking the LSAT in February. Contact the schools you applied to tell them to put your app on hold until they get the new scores unless you are certain you can't do any better than a 151.

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Re: Chances at Drexel/Villanova/Temple??!!

Postby MURPH » Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:35 am

Drexel is so new that no one could realistically predict if they would accept you or not. We have no idea how well they are recruiting. They accepted someone with a 142 two years ago. The application is free so you have nothing to lose. You probably live in philly so make an attempt to meet them in person. While you are waiting, though, you need to be studying for the next LSAT.

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