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Statement critique

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:45 am

Still need to come up with something to end it but here it is so far. Comments appreciated.

Walt Disney once said, “Around here, however, we don’t look backward for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” This statement, to me, embodies the true spirit of engineering. In my coursework at the University of__________, problems arose in many different forms. For instance, in Calculus we solved for the area under the curve on a graph, in Strength of Materials we solved for stress and strain in beams placed under given forces, and in Computational Methods we wrote computer programs capable of solving the problems too complex to do by hand. Be it known, problems are not limited to undergraduate coursework—they are prevalent in the world around us. When good ideas are paired with good engineering, any problem seems solvable.

Of course, the pinnacle of every engineering student’s undergraduate career is the Capstone Design Course, a course in which several local companies submit project ideas and provide funding to small teams of engineering students. Each team is tasked with taking these ideas and turning them into full working products by the end of the semester. The day came in which Professor _______ presented the potential projects. As I scanned the list, one project in particular peaked my interest: Innovative Ammunition Reloading Press. As an avid outdoorsman and firearm enthusiast, I was familiar with the process of reloading ammunition and excited at the opportunity to improve upon the equipment I had used in the past.

To begin our project, my team of four met with our client—Battenfeld Technologies, to define the problem and setup project parameters. The engineers at Battenfeld conveyed a general idea of the type of press they were looking to have built and were able to identify weaknesses with the current presses in the same category. Over the next four months our team generated ideas and built numerous computer models of potential designs before selecting one we all agreed would execute the project goals most successfully. There were trials and tribulations throughout the working stages of the build, yet—we would have these moments…breakthrough moments, the kind that make the process appealing and exciting, the kind every engineer revels in. Our team ultimately perfected our computer model and proceeded with the prototyping stages. We utilized 3-D printing technology and were able to create a half scale model of our press. After identifying issues with the half scale prototype, we were able to work out the kinks in the design and finally machine a full size, fully functioning prototype press—just in time for a successful presentation. This project in particular instilled in me a deep respect for the copious amount of thought and effort that goes into designing and building new and innovative products—not to mention, the excitement in revealing the final product at the project deadline! It would also, to my surprise, reveal a new career path.

Patent law to me, is the opportunity to utilize the engineering skills developed throughout my undergraduate studies to help engineers and inventors alike protect the hard work I know goes into their designs. My engineering background would allow me to define goals, brainstorm for projects, and allow me to relate to their overall process.

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