Please help me with the LLM SOP. Reply soon

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Please help me with the LLM SOP. Reply soon

Postby Marcus05 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:25 am

I still remember the look my boss had on his face when I handed him my resignation. He failed to understand what on earth had driven me to leave a well known Company paying me a good salary, had a challenging job profile and I was happy. One of the reasons was to start my own practice. And another important reason was to help my family set up a start up providing diagnostic tools for diabetes. This idea reminded of my old dream of mine of a career with the World Health Organization. I used my in depth knowledge of corporate laws while forming the company. Formation of the company enabled me not only to use my logical and analytical thinking but also to flex my creative muscles. The company proposed to conduct clinical trials and therefore I took special care while drafting the memorandum and association and articles of association (the documents which show the objects and rules binding the company). Within a month of incorporation we submitted a proposal to the Indian Government with our American partner to conduct clinical trials in India. Though we did not get the grant I learnt a lot of things. My constant interaction with the US partner’s lawyer made me aware of the laws existing in US.

Ever since my first brush with Indian Company Law, I had always wanted to be a corporate lawyer. To get an in depth knowledge of the working of corporate laws, I choose to become a Company Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretary of India. Since its inception in 1983, there have been so far only 31000 Company Secret from some of lakhs of students who attempt every year. Armed with two professional degrees of LLB and Company Secretary enabled me not only to get a more thorough legal education, but also get a better hold of my job. Thus becoming Company Secret is already an achievement and graduated within three years with LLB degree . Moreover, being able to achieve both of these feats while still being very active in several extra-curricular activities demonstrate my ability to handle any challenge, including an LLM from XYZ Law School.

I try to maintain a balance between my professional and personal life. Being a practicing Corporate Lawyer in Mumbai, the financial capital of a developing country like India keeps me in on my toes. However, in my spare time, I pursue Sailing, a sport which taught me some valuable life lessons. It taught me that no matter how bad the things go, I always have the power to control the process if not the outcome. Sailing helped me curb my overtly anxious behavior. I learned to live and take life as it comes instead of dreading the future all the time. It taught me that you can have fun while being alert, working and busy. It transferred me from a person who was shy, dogged responsibility and spent time procrastinating to a friendly, responsible, and an action oriented person.

I pursued the sport thanks to my mom. She used to scold my brother and me for watching the game of Cricket on the T.V and instead insisted that we play it outside. This ensured that we played a lot games and were not glued to television or video games. My mother is a truly wonderful person. But, I have not always felt this way about her. As a child, I wished my mother dressed stylishly, spoke fluent English and appeared intelligent. However, without words, my mother taught me that the aforementioned list is so shallow. Those things are not what help to win a person’s heart. People like and respect your genuineness. Emulating her has helped me to befriend people from all walks of life, from the daughter of a poor tea seller, daughter of a Vice President of a blue chip company to a trustee of an educational institution. I do not worry about my own shortcomings and I do not look at the material worth of the other person. I see through that, and instead look at and talk with the person within.

Both my parents were always eager to help others all the while balancing their careers and bringing up the family. They never preached what I should do or refrain from doing instead showed it by their actions. Watching them inspired me to join The National Service Scheme as a volunteer in my three years of graduation and devote 104 hours a year towards community service. Volunteering brought me in touch with economically and socially downtrodden people and made me think of all the things in my life and further inspired to do and give something back to the society.

To that end, studying for an LLM in the US and especially at XYZ Law School seems a natural choice. A unique opportunity to study one semester in Washington, D.C and another in Geneva, Switzerland, possibility of doing both an externship and internship and learning under the guidance of Professor Lawrence Gostin makes XYZ Law School an ideal L.L.M option.

At XYZ Law School, I plan to take Global Law and International Institutes as I see it as imperative to pursue a career at World Health Organization.

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Re: Please help me with the LLM SOP. Reply soon

Postby papercut » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:17 pm

The first sentence is very cliched opening. I stopped reading after your mangled second sentence.

He failed to understand what on earth had driven me to leave a well known Company paying me a good salary, had a challenging job profile and I was happy.

Read that out loud.

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