Topic on migration I don't know where to start

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Renzo Marx

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Topic on migration I don't know where to start

Postby Renzo Marx » Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:18 pm

Hi I am planning to apply to McGill University. I`m having troubles on starting my PS. I immigrated in Montreal five years ago sponsored by my mother. However, when I reunited with my mother I felt distant because I have not seen her for 10 years and I felt that my she was a stranger. Instead of rebelling like other kids who went through the same experience I spent my time in studying and getting involved in an NGO that deals with temporary foreign workers (TFW). I did intake of individual cases of domestic helpers and farmworkers, I also accompanied one worker into a mediation. I participated in a Radio show called Migrant voices where I interviewed TFWs and dubbed the interview from French to English. I coordinated various workshops for young industrial employees (i.e. labour rights training and popular theatre about migration). From these experiences, I understood the sacrifice and hardships of my mother and immigrant parents and the precariousness of not knowing your rights. Moreover, I have seen in micro-level the impact of "globalization" on workers from developing countries and workers in Canada. My pursuit of understanding why my mother left me when I was six years old led me to my interest in legal profession and my social conciousness and drive to struggle for more and better social legislation for migrants and immigrants in Canada.

I am planning on describing the play about the effect of migration of Filipino youth, and then describe and compare my own experience.
I already have the outline of what I want to include in my PS but I have trouble finding a common theme.

I need your opinion if this story is too cliché.

I am also planning to write about my thesis about the relationship of ethnicity and activism of Quebec college students during the Quebec student movement. I organized a casserole protest in my community, which is predominantly immigrants. I noticed that visible minorities were under-represented in the student uprising. According to my findings, Francophone students were more likely to participate in activism, which I assumed was because of the legacy of Quiet Revolution ( where Quebec took in charge to the master of their own house; it leads to secularization of Quebec). Then, the reason why visible minorities were less inclined to participate in activism is because of their tie to the church or to any religious institutions. For instance, most Filipinos are Catholic; I noticed that most of them are very obedient and want order. Quebec student movement is hot topic in Quebec; I find that describing the student movement in the perspective of a student from a visible minority would be unique.

I need your opinion.

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Re: Topic on migration I don't know where to start

Postby joshhoward » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:43 am

cliche'? no, it sounds genuine. like the stuff you did in life actually relates to your experiences.

you can definitely turn this into a home-run essay, no doubt.

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