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PM me!

Postby tryingtomakeit » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:13 pm

PM me for a look at my first draft. Perhaps we can swap?


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Re: PM me!

Postby meyersa15 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:21 pm

Hi, I'd love to swap! I have been working on a PS that I decided to use as a DS so this is a very rough draft that I came up with tonight. Thanks!

There it was. The obstacle I was dreading since the moment that I signed up for the race months earlier. How am I, standing at 5’2 and a measly 120 pounds, expected to vertically climb a rope ascending 25 feet in the air? I did not know how I would get to the top, competing with men twice my size and an immeasurable amount stronger, but I knew I owed it to myself to try.
With the water level reaching my neck and mud smeared across my face, I began to climb. Knowing I would not get anywhere if I relied solely on upper body strength, I used every inch of my body and every morsel of emotional strength I had to shimmy my way up the rope. With each knot that disappeared so did my fear. I had one more knot to go and was inches away from ringing the bell signifying victory. Arms and legs quivering with exhaustion, I launched my legs up.
I have always described myself as a realist. I knew my strengths and, for this reason, I relied heavily on such and failed to improve my weaknesses. After coming out as a lesbian my sophomore year, I expended most of my time dealing with the emotional repercussions of such a realization and trying to make sense of the world around me. Up until that point, I was constantly preoccupied with confusion and overcoming emotional distress. For this reason, I developed a fear of failure and depending solely on my inherent strengths. It was not until I overcame this fear when I truly found myself as a student, an athlete, and a person. I arrived back on campus my junior year as a new person ready to tackle anything life threw at me.
I was no longer afraid to challenge myself and no longer allowing my fear of failure and mediocracy to hold me back. It began with athletics. I became fearless on the field. I led my team and played with poise, However, my most important conquest would be to challenge myself academically, rather. Overcoming this fear, I produced academic work my junior and senior years that far outweighs my other accomplishments prior to this realization. Not only did I complete a lengthy senior thesis, but I found myself going above and beyond, while enjoying the research I was conducting. During the second and final term of my thesis project, I enrolled in my first political science research course on an impossibly complex topic, taught by a notoriously difficult professor, with a strenuous workload. Before enrolling, I was hesitant of my abilities to excel in both this difficult of a course while finishing my senior thesis. However, I needed to challenge my mind and prove my academic abilities to myself. I excelled far more than I had imagined. I finished my eighty page senior thesis with an overall grade of an A- and a high pass on my oral dissertation, as well as an A in the political science research course. I was no longer afraid to challenge myself and no longer afraid of failure.
I continued to stare at that bell longingly as I descended into the water in what felt like slow motion. No, I did not succeed in reaching the bell, but I did not fail either. I may not have reached the top but I far exceeded what I, and others, thought possible. With my fellow competitors cheering my admiral attempt, I can’t help but have pride in my new found ability to strive for excellence regardless of what odds are stacked against me. I developed an unparalleled determination and work ethic. I know longer allow fear to deter me from my goals and that is exactly what makes me far from mediocre.

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