Need idea for personal statement

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Need idea for personal statement

Postby nosleeptillsuccess » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:28 am

Just brain storming... Any help or ideas would be great! I'll list a few ideas/facts about me..

1.) I was raised by a single mother who put herself through nursing school. Witnessed first hand what it means to accomplish something when you put your mind to it.
2.) I have worked in the restaurant business for many years ... 5 years as a waiter..1 as togo specialist...1 as a bus boy
(also worked at best buy and a pizza place) and contributed my tip money to my mother to help her through her tough times. Worked full time and was a student full time.
3.) I'm a finance major... (a degree which I never thought I would be able to obtain) Math is my weakest subject.
4.) Played lacrosse in high school and my team was full of tiny guys.. mostly freshmen and sophomores and we had to go up against teams that were almost entirely seniors and guys twice the size of ours. I was our biggest "defender" and I had to literally "play protector" all game long and took most of the hits.... I have plenty of David/Goliath stories from this..
5.) I once had to a 5 day job ... worked putting horse jumps together.. couldn't work the 5th day because I was sick(from overwork). I later found out that my entire paycheck was distributed among the other men. I was paid nothing. I wanted compensation for the hours I put in, but remained powerless.
6.) My father is absent in my life...long story
7.) Dream of living in New York City... going to law school there.

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Re: Need idea for personal statement

Postby CorkBoard » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:21 am

1 might work if you can convey how you followed her hardworking example in your own life. I don't really like the others much.

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