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Postby cidergirl » Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:16 pm

Hey guys,
is it a bad idea to open my ps with a description of 2 years spent in and out of hospitals? i got on to explain how that experience made me stronger and to make me want to practice law, but it might bring extra attention to the gaps on my transcript. i have written an addendum explaining the medical reason behind my gaps from college, so the ps will just corroborate that in the opening if that is okay. as it stands, only about a paragraph or 2 of my ps directly discuss my illness, so its not the entire thing...but dont know if its a bad idea to bring attention to it at all.

also, in the addendum i dont talk abt the specific nature of the illness, whereas in the new draft statement i do.

tnx in advance for all ur feedback!

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