please read my UCLA programmatic contribution

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please read my UCLA programmatic contribution

Postby smoneill88 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:57 pm

hey guys,

first of all, repost, don't hate but i only got 1 response before and would love more feedback. would anyone be willing to take a look at my UCLA programmatic contribution statement? it's very short, just looking for general feedback if you think it's what they're looking for. post a reply and i'll PM it to you.

also, for anyone who has done this statement before, is the character limit really 999? i ask because in the prompt it says 'if you need additional room please attach an addendum under the programmatic contribution tab', i feel that means you can just attach it as an addendum without worry of a length. mine isn't 'long' by any means, though, which i don't think it should be, just appx 1400 characters.

thanks for the help.

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