Is this a good topic?

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Is this a good topic?

Postby Curious1 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:57 pm

Hey guys, I wanted to write my PS on something that may be controversial: Basically, I was an illegal immigrant from 7th grade to end of high school. I got into college and was able to leave the country and re-apply for a student visa--as a result I am now no longer illegal.

I had planned to write about how the knowledge that I was illegal made me work hard (because the only way to overcome it is to get into a college good enough that a consul wouldn't look twice before giving me the visa).

Is this a good idea? Is this something where an admissions officer would be offended by?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Re: Is this a good topic?

Postby MrHaephestus » Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:34 am

I think you can make this topic work, and work well. My advice? Make damn certain your delivery focuses on how the experience helped you determine you desired to enter law school, and watch how you frame the illegality. You were in 7th grade, right? So, did you make the trip on your own, brought by your parents, what? I hardly think it can be held against you if you were brought here not of your own accord, but be mindful how you frame the explanation. You did go back and get a student visa. Expound upon that. I am sure there's some tasty legal tidbits you can use to your advantage there.

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