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Postby sgtgrumbles » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:41 pm

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Re: seeking advice about PS regarding arrest (charges dropped)

Postby ShuckingNotJiving » Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:11 pm

sgtgrumbles wrote:I'm considering writing my personal statement about an arrest for a DUI that I didn't actually commit. The charges were subsequently dropped. I'm not sure exactly what angle I wish to take, but I think it will ultimately help explain my desire to do public interest law. I think I have good details to create a potentially compelling story about the stigma associated with the charge, the arrest keeping me out of certain jobs, etc.

Any general advice? I've seen a few threads about arrest PS's and the consensus seems to be that they're acceptable. Since it's a little sensitive I'd prefer to keep the details off of here, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to discuss over PM or email. I've already written a detailed description of the incident itself that I submitted to a job that required details of any arrest record, so it's easy to transmit. I need to know how to finesse the description of the cop (he mishandled the situation, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to impugn a police officer's reputation in a PS) and how to describe the incident without making myself come off in a bad way (I don't think I necessarily do, but I was drinking and at a bar, so there's some cause for concern).

Thanks in advance.

My advice is to write a rough draft, and PM it to someone or post it on the board. From your post it seems like you've gained some insight after the arrest, which could prove valuable in writing a PS. I myself am extremely interested to find out the details of you getting arrested for a DUI "you didn't commit." Not saying I don't believe you, I'm just saying the story has potential...

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