Best book/source for PS advice

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Best book/source for PS advice

Postby s0ph1e2007 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:56 pm

What is the best book or resource to get advice about Personal Statements?

I've gotten too much contradictory advice from apparently equally reliable sources and now am having some major confusion.

1 u chicago previous law school admissions officer says that they hate reading about another person who believes they are going to be some major activist or says they are passionate about some undervalued or dissadvantaged group etc.
But then the sources on this website say that this is a good thing to write about if you truly are inspired by some particular cause and have concrete things that are consistent throughout your life to back up your dedication to that cause.

maybe my personal statement should be
"Hi, admissions officers. I realize that no matter what i write i will bore you in some way because you have heard it all." :(

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