Scholarship money as a transfer (University of Houston/Texas

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Scholarship money as a transfer (University of Houston/Texas

Postby jbp15860 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:37 am

0L here, taking the June, September, and possible November LSAT. My practice scores are good and I'm confident my actual score will be good enough to get me into University of Houston (160s). I have a low UG gpa (3.2) so I have to be in the 160s from what I see. My question, however, is that in the off chance I don't get into UH and only get into South Texas, I know that I could transfer to UH or UT after a year, as many people do from STCL, but I've heard that you get no scholarship money when you transfer. I would appreciate anyone's personal experience on the matter, as I can't find anything official. I also can't find any transfer statistics from either UH or UT in terms of how many applicants, where they're from, and they're ranks/grades, etc.. If any of y'all have that information that would be appreciated as well.

I should also note, that while it's silly to 100% determine what one wants to do before even setting foot in a law school building, as of right now, I think I'd really like to at least start off, at the DA's office. So, in that case, perhaps STCL wouldn't be that bad of a choice if it came down to it, but then I think... what if I don't want to be a prosecutor for more than a few years, or even at all? UH is much better for Houston, obviously, and I don't really have any desire to practice anywhere else.

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