How does student income affect financial aid?

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How does student income affect financial aid?

Postby moonstaff324 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:59 pm

Hi everyone, I recently debating whether or not to take a job before entering law school. I've already applied this admission cycle, but I was wondering how the income I'd make from my job would affect financial aid. My family as a whole has a very low income, and I'm expecting to get some aid at the schools I'm applying to. However, I'm not sure how the income I would make might affect financial aid. I know the student income is considered, but it seems like it's not considered as much because obviously the student cannot continue employment during law school. It seems to be the case that the students assets are fully considered but I'm just wondering how much the student's income is considered. Of course, I'm sure this varies school to school but any insight is appreciated.

Some extra details: I know only HYS are schools with significant aid. I am looking at these schools.
I'm only a year out of undergrad doing mostly volunteer work and deciding whether or not to take this job or not. Probably will not take if it substantially impacts aid. Thanks.

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