HYS FinAid question

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HYS FinAid question

Postby mrsharveyspecter » Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:50 pm

Hi yall! I'm new to all this, so please forgive me for my ignorance.

1- Do prospective applicants to HYS CCN, etc. only apply for financial aid after they've been admitted? Or do we need to apply at the same moment we submit our JD application? Columbia's website says that financial aid applicants "must apply at the time of application to the first-year class of the J.D. program." Not sure if this just means we need to apply sometime before classes start in 2018 or if we need to submit FAFSA/CSS at the same time I submit my JD application.

2- Is law school finaid the same as college admissions where submitting FAFSA and CSS as soon as possible after January 1 is the best way to ensure we maximize our financial aid? Or does timing not matter as much for law school?

3- Some law schools have financial aid application deadlines ranging from February to March. What about the people who get admitted in April/May? Are they able to apply for financial aid after the deadlines? And if so, are their chances of receiving money diminished?

Sorry about all the questions. And thank you in advance for helping me out! :D :D :D


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Re: HYS FinAid question

Postby Pozzo » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:30 pm

1. You can put your school codes on FAFSA/CSS to submit before you're admitted, but all of these schools have their own app that you'll be able to access after you're admitted.

2. The advantage goes to those who are admitted earlier. Some scholarships are offered in conjunctions with admission decision, so the earlier you're admitted, the more money is in play. Not sure the mechanics of need-based aid at CCN, but HYS are all quite transparent with their need calculations, and I don't get the impression timing has any impact on those decisions.

3. Funds run out as the year goes on, so yes, those admitted late are at a disadvantage for merit aid. See above re: need-based.

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