Financial circumstances preventing me from law school

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Financial circumstances preventing me from law school

Postby luisimo85 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:59 pm

I need some help here. I want to apply to law school this fall, but I am facing some serious financial obstacles. I graduated from UCLA in 2009 with student loan debt. I've held jobs in the legal and nonprofit fields. Over the past several years, I've had difficulty in paying off both my private student loan and federal student loans. I recently discovered that pretty much all of my student loans became delinquent and then went into default. I am having such a hard time trying to figure out what other options I have when it comes to affording law school. Any recommendations and/or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I forgot to mention that I plan on pursuing a career in public interest law.

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Re: Financial circumstances preventing me from law school

Postby UVA2B » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:10 pm

How much debt are you currently carrying from UG?

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Re: Financial circumstances preventing me from law school

Postby Winter is Coming » Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:18 pm

Before even talking about law school you need to ASAP:

1.)Talk to your loan service provider and figure out the steps you can take to cure the default.
2.)Get on a payment plan you can afford.

Once these are done you need to seriously assess your financial situation and decide if law school is worth it. Defaulting on loans will make your financial life miserable and might bar you from taking further loans for law school in the future.

Whether you should go to law school at all is a whole separate convo about debt, COA, career goals, employment prospects, etc. But its essential you take care of the default as soon as you can.

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