Financial aid/late app

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Financial aid/late app

Postby yoitslitfam » Fri Oct 07, 2016 4:08 am

Hey guys, have around a 3.93 UGPA and was PT'ing around 175 prior to sept LSAT(Fell ill on the day of the exam and caused an absence...) Looking to write in Dec and hoping to get atleast 173(however hoping for 175-177!). How much will this affect my chance at securing full-rides? I think I have above average softs and am looking to snag some t-14 full rides preferably ones with stipends. I know CCN doesn't give out full-ride scholarships until after January but how does this affect the middle-lower t-14? I've heard darrow invites are given in december and levy/mordecai invites as well. Does that mean I wont be allowed to interview/apply for these scholarships if I apply after december lsat scores are released? (Also do I apply for fafsa and needaccess before I get my LSAT score or do I apply after? I've heard some t-14 dont give aid at all until you fill these out?) Thanks!

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