Requesting Tax Transcripts?

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Requesting Tax Transcripts?

Postby Broncos847 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:08 pm

Anyone else having a bitch of a time getting their 2013 tax return transcript from the IRS? I tried to get it online, and was told they couldn't verify my identity. So I tried mailing it, even though it will be sent to my undergraduate house, and the online mail service said my address didn't match their records even though I copied it exactly off my TurboTax return. Then I called the number, and they said they would send something, but there wasn't any sort of confirmation and the automated service was very vague. I have the new tenants looking out for any mail for me, but i'm starting to get really stressed out. One of my top schools needs this information before they will consider me for merit scholarships, and I really don't wanna miss the deadline.

Do you think a school would accept my TurboTax return for the moment until I can file my 2014 return and get that transcript? Anyone have any experience dealing with the IRS and have any suggestions? I tried calling my local office but their phone was broken. Same thing at the closest office to where I attending undergrad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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