Meaning of "Difference/Gap" on fin award? (NYU)

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Meaning of "Difference/Gap" on fin award? (NYU)

Postby dlrkgml » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:52 pm

The COA is said to be around $80000 and the financial aid document said I could get x dollars of federal loans. Then under "Difference/Gap," there was a number that was $80000 - x.

Am I supposed to come up with the $80000 - x amount on my own?? Is that what it means? (I didn't qualify for any scholarships) And since they said I could get x dollars of federal loans, do I assume they've already reviewed my FAFSA and that this is it for federal scholarships? Sorry for all the questions, so confused and overwhelmed at the moment :oops:

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