Anyone Familiar with U of Iowa Scholarship/In-State Aid?

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Anyone Familiar with U of Iowa Scholarship/In-State Aid?

Postby zarathustra25 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:57 pm

I am finally applying to law schools and have basically decided at this point to cut most t-30 off of my list for financial reasons. Right now, Iowa is looking like my best choice, money-wise. I am already a resident, having attended undergrad here, and I am hoping that being in-state to begin with will give a boost for aid money. Assuming I am in at all, is it likely that I will get some form of aid, over and above the 3 years of in-state tuition, with my numbers?: 163; 3.8 GPA

Also: Are there any lower-ranked schools where I might have a good shot at a good job out of school within the region/state, as well as a shot at some good scholarships? I am somewhat lost as to where to apply, given that I wasted a lot of time dreaming of top schools and not much time actually figuring out realistic options. I honestly do not care where I live, as long as the legal market will stay strong enough to keep me employed. My options prior to undergrad seemed to me to be essentially night manager of a retail shop or restaurant, so I am actually pretty proud/happy of where I am now and where I may be going. As always, thanks a lot.

Edit: One more question, this time regarding the LSAC fee waiver. I got one of the full waivers due to income and I am just curious about the CAS fee. I was under the impression that, beyond the first four schools, even with a fee waiver I need to pay a 16 dollar CAS fee for schools. Not that getting together 70 bucks should be a huge burden, just want to make sure I am reading the LSAC stuff right. Thanks!


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Re: Anyone Familiar with U of Iowa Scholarship/In-State Aid?

Postby rerekun » Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:45 pm


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