Group Housing Societies and urban development

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Group Housing Societies and urban development

Postby Oliver01 » Mon May 09, 2011 5:07 am

Further to accelerate the role of the group housing societies, 40 percent of the developed land should be allocated to them at a subsidized price.  In SPAMCENTRAL are at an all time high and most of the housing societies are finding it difficult to acquire land at such exorbitant costs.  Thus the only way out to sustain these societies is to offer land at affordable costs.
Until and unless the obsolete Land Ceiling and Regulation law undergoes a sea change, house construction will suffer a heavy jolt.  The Act should be drastically amended for ensuring fair and equitable distribution of urban land.  The Act has been criticized for its failure to achieve the purpose of reducing disparities in urban landed properties.  The amendment would curb speculation and profiteering in the urban landed properties.
The National Housing Bank should be more responsible to the people’s demand and requirement.  The Bank should provide an efficient and speedy credit delivery system.  Procedure should be simplified so that people can avail the necessary financial assistance from the Bank on easy terms.  Timely financial assistance is the paramount need to contain the prices and to increase the supply of housing stock to meet the various demands effectively and satisfactorily.
In almost all the key urban areas of the state property values have already gone up several fold.  Investors now consider an investment in property in SPAM much promising due to the continuing boom in real estate.  In spite of the global recession, property values have not crashed in SPAM as has happened in the United States or Japan.  Even in the industrialized developed world, certain developments sent the property market crashing to significant lows unseen in earlier times.  Experts predict that such a development is unlikely in SPAM mainly due to the phenomenal inflow of investments from all parts of the globe.

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Re: Group Housing Societies and urban development

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