SMU Scholly Negotiation

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SMU Scholly Negotiation

Postby smithc2011 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:52 am

I already posted this in an SMU accepted/denied/wl'd thread, but figured this was a more appropriate forum. Also, sorry if there is a thread for this somewhere, I glanced through them and didn't see one.

Did anyone have any success, or personally know anyone that had any success, negotiating for extra scholarship money at SMU? I'm probably about 80/20 SMU vs. UHouston, with negligible COA differences, so a little bit more money would pretty much seal the deal. I just contacted UH asking about negotiation again (already did once, got a bit), and was wondering if i could have any hope for success at SMU. I'm expecting a few hopeful boosts to my application at the conclusion of this semester (tough semester, much better grades than my UGPA, may have a killer letter of rec from the head of my academic dep't), so I was thinking about asking for reconsideration based on that stuff and the additional funds that are probably now available, following those who dropped out after the seat deposit deadline.

sorry for the long-winded post, i'm coked out on 5-hour energy. Thanks for any feedback


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Re: SMU Scholly Negotiation

Postby LoyalRebel » Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:35 pm

I have nothing to contribute; I'd just like to request that people stop calling it a "scholly".

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