Chances for money at Cornell?

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Chances for money at Cornell?

Postby newbienew » Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:57 am

I know very little about how financial aid works, and I'm sure it's different at every school and even in each individual case. But I was wondering whether anyone could give me a very rough idea of what to expect from Cornell, as I'm about to apply for financial aid (was just accepted 3/25). I personally don't have much money, but my parents are very comfortable, though not super-rich. Basically, they're well-off enough that we don't absolutely NEED financial aid, but not so well-off that it wouldn't help significantly. So, for a while I had assumed that I'd get minimal-to-no financial aid.

But, having done some reading on these boards, it seems like Cornell awards aid on the basis of both need AND "merit"? With this in mind, can anyone tell me how my numbers (3.5/174) are likely to affect the equation? I realize it'd be impossible to predict exactly how much money I'll get, since I haven't said much about my financial situation, but does anyone know if these numbers are likely to help me? I realize I'm a bit of a splitter...does anyone know if the low GPA will hold me back more than the relatively high LSAT will help? Honestly, I'm curious for any insight any of you might have. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Chances for money at Cornell?

Postby NorCalBruin » Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:20 pm

Do you get money from your parents?
Do you live with your parents?
Are your parents currently supporting you?
What is your EFC--expected family contribution?

All of these may effect your aid. Your parents can be very very well off, but if they aren't supporting you at all, you can still get need based grants. Schools realize that just because you come from well-off parents doesn't necessarily mean you yourself are well off.

With that LSAT, I would expect that you would get at-least something.

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