Negotiating USC/GWU with U. Minn. money?

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Negotiating USC/GWU with U. Minn. money?

Postby ku1185 » Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:16 am

First, I know GWU is known to not negotiate scholarships (is it worth a try, at least?). As for USC, I have yet to receive word regarding aid from them. I got $25k/year from Minnesota; do you think either of these schools would negotiate based on Minnesota? Considering Minnesota's jump to 20 in the rankings, do you think it may have more weight?

I would love to go to either USC or GWU, but financing law school is a serious concern. I am going to try to negotiate with UC Irvine as well, and will likely end up at where I will take on the least amount of debt (unless the difference in debt between USC/GWU/Uminn and UCI is small).

Another thing to note: schools have been having trouble confirming my citizenship status with the DHS which, according to them, may delay when I receive my aid package. I'm going to try to sort this out, and have sent documentation of proof in the meantime. Do you think this delay will adversely impact my aids? If I don't hear from them soon, would it be wise to start negotiating before I get my aid package?

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