Where to begin with loans

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Where to begin with loans

Postby cccZillo » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:58 pm

I read in a book (always a GREAT way to start a post, I know) that it would be beneficial for me to start planning out my financial aid before I even start getting acceptance letters. But I'm already getting them, and if I can't fill out the FAFSA until January 1, is there something I could be doing in the meantime?

I understand that I have to wait until January 1 for to fill out the FAFSA. At that point I'm under the impression that I will fill out an estimate, and make any necessary changes when I get my tax return (Please correct me if this is not how it works).

Also, a couple specific questions for those who have read this far:

1- When filling out the FAFSA do I include all schools that I'm applying to, or only the ones to which I've been accepted up to that point? (I'm assuming it has to be the former, but I figured I'd ask).

2- Is the FAFSA the only step in applying for the entire gamut of federal loans?

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Re: Where to begin with loans

Postby northwood » Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:13 pm

fasfa should be your first step. Be sure to list all schools that you are still considering ( you can list up to 10).

After that: Call each individual school for help. They will offer the best assistance.

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