Do schools take the February LSAT

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Do schools take the February LSAT

Postby mjb77 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:05 am

Do top schools take the february lsat? Harvard's website states, "In order for your application to be considered complete by the February 1 deadline, you must take the LSAT no later than the preceding December administration of the test. We review all LSAT results taken within the 5-year window during which the scores are valid."

"If you are retaking the LSAT in February, we can hold your decision until we receive the results, provided that you inform us via email of your plans to sit for the February LSAT. We may begin to review your file as soon as you receive notice from us that it is complete, however we will not render a final decision until we receive the February score."

Is this the standard for most law schools? They will take the February score only if you are retaking the exam? I know this would be a risk as schools would only have a few seats left at the time. However, would being a urm help in that situation? I am most interested in NYU and their website states, "Do you accept the February LSAT exam when applying for the fall 2018 semester? Applicants must take the LSAT no later than December 2017 in order to apply to enter in the fall 2018 semester." They do not specify about holding decisions until the February score comes out. Does anyone have an experience in which they got into NYU or any other university with their February score?

Also, can an applicant apply before the deadline with everything complete but have not taken the LSAT, and then ask them to hold their applications until the February scores come out?

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Re: Do schools take the February LSAT

Postby UVA2B » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:09 am

If they say you need to be complete before February 1st, that means with a valid LSAT score. If you are retaking and tell them about it, they'll be willing to wait on a decision until the result comes out.

I'm not going to do the research at each individual school for you, but from what I remember, most don't take a February LSAT as your first score, because you won't be complete prior to when they are making most admission decisions.

If the February LSAT is your first, your best bet is waiting for the next cycle when admissions is starting new and tuition discounts are freshly available. You will never maximize your outcome with a February LSAT and application that cycle.

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