LSAT needed for T-13?

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LSAT needed for T-13?

Postby Skadidas » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:18 pm

Hey guys, LSAC finally calculated my cumulative GPA and it is just under a 3.1. Granted, it is higher than I was expecting so no complaints there. My question, however, is in regards to the LSAT score necessary for a decent shot at the T-13 given the following stats.

LSAC Cumulative GPA: 3.09
LSAT: 162

-Highly involved in extracurriculars during undergraduate studies (think 4+ organizations holding "meaningful" roles)
-NCAA Division 1 Athlete
-2+ Years of work experience in which I experienced accelerated growth in the realm of promotions at a well-known company
-2 Glowing letters of recommendation from my employer

Am I correct to assume that regardless of a profound LSAT score, I have no chance outside of maybe Northwestern and perhaps Virginia (ED) due to my GPA? I am retaking the LSAT this December and will not submit any applications unless I obtain a score in the upper 160s with a goal of 170+, so I am not planning on applying with a 162.

TLDR: 3.09, MA URM, what LSAT necessary for T-13?



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Re: LSAT needed for T-13?

Postby cgeezyy » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:44 pm

It's really hard to say because of the small sample size available. For example, using MyLSN there is no sample for non-AA URMs with a GPA similar to yours with a 170+ LSAT. Shoot for getting the best score you can.

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