There a point to 4th take?

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There a point to 4th take?

Postby onlyhere4fun » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:19 pm

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Re: There a point to 4th take?

Postby Ferrisjso » Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:56 pm

I'm in a similar position(156 LSAT, 3.51 GPA) and I'm forging ahead and if law is what you want so should you(regardless of the inevitable negativity you will be hit with by others). You should have applied to lesser schools though, and if you want to go to law school in the fall you need to apply to some lower ranked schools now(preferably in the region you want to live in). You do not have a chance at any of the T-14, that's just the reality but there are far more good options out there and money on the table. If you don't apply very soon though, waiting a year will probably be the best option regardless of whether or not you retake(and if you're waiting anyway you might as well go for a fourth time). My advice is apply to all the realistic options in your desired practice area(s) and hope for the best. If you like your outcomes go to law school, if you don't either wait a year and retake or go do one of the other things you're interested in. I do get the frustration with the LSAT though and it's important to make it clear that getting a lower score does not mean you'll be a worse lawyer the test is only used to compare everyone doing the same thing whereas GPA's are not created equal because programs of study are not the same difficulty and some inflate grades while others don't.

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Re: There a point to 4th take?

Postby Mr_Chukes » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:17 am

If you apply early enough and have good personal statement, diversity staments, you can get into at least top 20. I have similar stats and got into USC.

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Re: There a point to 4th take?

Postby Incrementalist » Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:56 am

Well let me say this you should never feel defeated because of a standardized test. The test doesn't define who you are only you can define who you are. Don't let the test trick you into believing you can't do something, achieve your goal, or your not good enough. If you are hungry to reach success and climb, crawl, and scrape your way to the top it can be done. Also If law school is in the cards for you things will work out and everything will fall into place for you. Its remarkable that you even took the step to apply. You worked hard for your UGPA and ended pretty good. I wouldn't let it stop me. If law school is something you really want to do. You will achieve the heights you are looking to reach. So in my opinion I do think its worth it if going to law school is something you truly want to do.

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