Retake in December?

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Retake in December?

Postby Eman1994 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:05 am

I'm an AA male with a 3.1 GPA and currently a highest LSAT score of 159. I have taken the LSAT three times as of December 2016 and would be eligible to take it again this coming December. My first time taking it was December 2015 and I didn't study at all and made a 156. I took it a second time October 2016 and after about a month and a half of studying I only went up about two points to a 158. I rushed to take it again in December 2016 hoping to get closer to a 165 but I only went up one point. I took five practice tests between getting the October results and taking the December test and scored a 162 twice, a 164, a 166, and a 170 (real timed conditions). I was pretty shocked and disappointed to see I had dropped so much from my practices. My question is would it be wise to wait until December of this year to take another crack at the LSAT? My dream school is Georgetown but I also plan on applying to George Washington, UCLA, UCLA Davis, USC, UF, Boston College, Boston U, Tulane, LSU, WUSTL, and UNC.

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Re: Retake in December?

Postby blackmamba8 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:10 am

It sounds like you rushed your takes and still have a lot of fresh test material available. Definitely retake and give yourself plenty of time to study this time around.

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Re: Retake in December?

Postby hammy393 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:03 pm

Yes definitely retake. Make sure to go 100% in and don't rush. Your practice scores suggest you have the potential to score much higher than you did on test date. If your practice scores were in the mid 150s then I wouldn't suggest to retake (which isn't the case obviously)

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Re: Retake in December?

Postby Incrementalist » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:14 am

Stop rushing to retake. I think you could do very well if you just focus on what it is that is tripping you up in the process. In order to get better at the LSAT exam its going to take practice at old exams to familiarize yourself with the questions so there aren't any surprises for you. Try taking a look at Mike Kim book The LSAT Trainer that has helped me out a lot.

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