Taking the LSAT a 4th time? Should it be done? Yes or on?

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Taking the LSAT a 4th time? Should it be done? Yes or on?

Postby Jimlaw123 » Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:19 am

Can I take the LSAT a fourth time? Should I?

I have a dilemma and I would like some insight, anything would help. I took the LSAT first in Fall 2011', then winter 2011', then Spring 2013'. I had gotten scores that were low(143-150). I went to a top 20 under grad school, as well as graduated with honors in my major. The issue is the LSAT.

I have a disease in my eyes called "Corneal Dystrophy", which means that I was throughout school, legally blind and getting more blind as I aged. Through learning how to just listen and write whatever the professor stated, I was able to get through college, and with some "coke bottle glasses' as well( I mean these were so thick, I'd go cross eyed, and get sick afterwards.). I never was allotted extra time for my eye issues, or anything of that nature, then after my third test (which I took) I got my paper work sent in to late from my Doctor (He was in Germany, as I saw the top eye specialist in the nation to perform my surgery), which happened after my third test.

During the 2 years leading up to my taking of these tests, I was constantly enrolling, then dis-enrolling, this was because I was dealing with racial harassment at my University. I wasn't being allowed to register for classes on time (always some story, 8 weeks in,), as well as I spent a year being homeless taking full time classes but receiving no credit for my work(for an entire year), as well as not being allowed to get my Fafsa for an entire year. Subsequently I ended up homeless during this time (as I was registered for the LSAT 3 times during this year 2012-2013), and was being forced to drop it, over and over again. I had some very insidious situation at my University where my counselor (that they assigned us) was prying into my life, knew I had an LSAT, and would schedule meetings to mess up my psyche by not reinstating me. I wasn't allowed to graduate for an entire year and a half. I at the end was broken, sleeping in cars, bathing in the "Jack n' the box" by the University, all the while trying to study for my LSAT, with horrible eyes and vision. I know this sounds insane but it's the truth.

I endured the indignity of being homeless, having horrible vision, and not being allowed to graduate, and being forced to write essay, after essay, trying to profess, "Why I should be allowed to graduate" to the head of my counseling department that was getting her rocks off doing this to me. I was a black man, at a University with a black populace of less than 1,000. She knew I had no one. Finally my professors started to notice and urged me to go to people. They tried to not believe me, called me a liar, and after I presented my evidence, they apologized ( I have the letter from the University), and let me graduate during 2013' summer, not after tarnishing my name and giving me 3 F's on classes that I took a year prior, where I wasn't allowed to attend the finals for these classes, as I wasn't truly "enrolled", so I got an automatic F. This I have fought until this day.

Now the media wants a story from me, and I can expose the people that did this to me. I graduate with honors despite this, my horrible vision (that has now been improved since I got a controversial new surgery, and a friend helped pay for it), but I'm left broken and defeated. I held out for so long (the year of hell) hoping that if I did well on my LSAT, all the hell would have been worth it. But it was not. I got a low score (though I couldn't see then), but now I have perfect vision, I'm not homeless, and I feel I can take the test adequately, not in the slew of emotion, pain, stress, and hell I was put in.

So can I do this? Should I contact the law schools I hope to attend and explain this circumstances? Will they look at me as less than due to this? For some reason I feel like this is a negative against me, though a lawyer friend of mine told me it was a triumph. I don't know.

Also, I spoke with Lawyers and they want me to sue my university for this blatant discrimination, as well have been asked by a big Newspaper to give my story, as well as the University one. I don't know, I feel like any press for me at this point is "bad press" and I shouldn't speak to anyone until I've gotten into a graduate school. I'd like to know your thoughts on this. Do I warrant a 4th test?
Also, if you've waited past the 2 year mark (If it's been 2 years since your test) do they erase your previous scores? Are you allowed to retake it? What happens if you take the test again after 2 years? please any help would be great. After all the hell I've been through (I was a low income student at a prestigious so called "public ivy" that almost destroyed me for doing the right thing), I'd like to know if this is something I should forget about, or do I still have a chance at redemption... thanks.

Also I want to go to law school to help people that are going through what I have went through. Failure never quite hits you until you're sleeping in the "emergency room" part of your University hospital, that you used to volunteer and intern at the previous year, because it's so cold, you're homeless, and that's the only place that lets people sit in its corridors if you need medical attention. It was probably the most embarrassing, and humbling experiences in my life... to think I was at one time part of the Student body, and student politics of a school that did this to me, with full knowledge, no one stepped up until lawyers were involved, and the media... so please, brothers and sisters, or anyone that has any knowledge. Please get back to me, and ask friends of yours that know, if this is something I should disclose to a law school? or is this something I should tell LSAC about to try and get another test, and is another test even feasible or good at this point in the system? Thanks for even reading this.
Sincerely, James.


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Re: Taking the LSAT a 4th time? Should it be done? Yes or on?

Postby ggnobbq » Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:24 am

tldr but yes

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Re: Taking the LSAT a 4th time? Should it be done? Yes or on?

Postby BasilHallward » Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:11 pm

To address your question:

Yes, you can take the LSAT again. The rule is as follows: 3 tests within 2 calendar years. Your first test was in '11, so you have been eligible for a while (since Oct. '13) now. You can call LSAC if you want to, but you are eligible to retake. If you are not happy with your October retake presumably, you can retake again in Dec or Feb. Again, any interval of 2 calendar years cannot have more than 3 tests attempted.

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