URM Boost or Bust

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URM Boost or Bust

Postby kmh504 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:27 am

I'm finishing my masters in Special Ed/Behavior Disorders and also applying to law school right now for Fall 2012. In my education policy class, we got on the subject of standardized tests and minorities, basically how research has shown that scores in no way correlate to academic and post-grad success.

Unfortunately, with good scores on ranking systems becoming more of a priority, t what's weighed most heavily. We were reading about ACT/SATs but then our professor gave us this article. SIgh - 61% of of black applicants didn't get into ANY of the schools they applied to compared to 34% for the majority. Definitely doesn't help my application spirits :p Just thought I'd pass this along since it's a different view of what us URM's see as our "advantage."


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