I need some advice from anyone who's taken Law Preview!!

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I need some advice from anyone who's taken Law Preview!!

Postby albiceleste09 » Tue May 31, 2011 6:35 pm

Ok so here's the situation: I received a scholarship to attend the Law Preview program from a law firm that sponsors students who intend to enroll at a specific law school, call it X law school. I thought I was going to attend X law school this fall so i applied for the scholy. I had to show them my acceptance letter from X law school when I applied. However, I ended up getting off of the wait list at another law school, call it Y law school, and I have decided to attend Y instead of X.

I guess my question for previous Law Preview scholly recipients or participants is this: will I be able to accept the scholy money for Law Preview even though I will not be attending X law school anymore? The instructions say students qualify to apply for the scholly if they 'intend' to enroll, which I did at the time I applied, but doesn't specify whether it matters that I actually end up attending that particular school or not.

Is there a way that the sponsoring law firm will be able to find out that I'm not planning to attend X law school anymore? Do they even care? Thanks for the advice!

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