Appreciate Your Advice On Law School Planning!


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Appreciate Your Advice On Law School Planning!

Postby Legalc20 » Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:58 pm

I'm starting my Sophomore Year at a top 100 private university, and am interested in attending law school.

My goal is to attend Stanford. Nevertheless, I know that admission is extremely competitive. Duke and Vanderbilt are other schools I'm interested in.

Please see my current credentials that I hope to build on. I really would appreciate your advice as to what steps I should follow, and what else I could do to be a solid candidate for these schools.

If you know of any specific law schools where I might be a better match for, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

3.96 GPA

Student of the Year, Freshman Class
University Honors Program
2-Term Class Senator
Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (I know, not much value)

Performed on 4 CDs with internationally-acclaimed classical musicians

Received a $10k national scholarship awarded to 30 people out of 1200+ applicants

Work Experience:
1. Interviewed clients in the intake unit of a Pro Bono law firm.
2. Served as a coordinator at a Pro Bono law firm where I:
- Recruited attorneys to represent Pro Bono clients.
- Coordinated weekly sessions for attorneys to provide advice to pro se litigants.
- Organized "Continuing Legal Education" courses for attorneys.
- Organized program for law students to work with attorneys to represent pro bono clients.

Note: I have had some chronic health issues that have cause me to undergo over 35 procedures and surgeries in the past 6 years. I regularly visit doctors and undergo diagnostic testing. I'm trying my best to overcome these illnesses to succeed and pursue my interest for law.

Again, thanks for your advice! :D

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