Road to Top 10


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Road to Top 10

Postby RoadToTop10 » Fri May 08, 2009 12:51 am

Private message me or go to my personal blog (LinkRemoved) to comment. I appreciate input and feedback.


I have never been more convinced about going to law school than I am today. I have been accepted to a little more than 10 law schools but I think I already have a pretty good idea on where I'm going. For those of you that are interested, I will just say that it’s a “Top 100” school.

Regardless of my choice, I am very aware that I will be making a 3 year commitment and that I could incur over 100K of debt (I got no scholarship offers from my top choice). On top of that, I have undergrad debt and consumer debt, and I had to quit my job. So if I do poorly in school and land no jobs or only low paying jobs, then I will be in big trouble with my creditors and I will probably hate life. This is a very big risk that I am taking, but it is one that I hope will pay off.

Based on my research, it has also become apparent that if I want to get the best job that I could and be successful in the private market, then I should probably place in the top 15% of my class. If this is my underlying goal, then why is this blog called "Road to Top 10"? Well, in reality I am shooting to be in the top 1% of my class, but since I heard that law school exams could be a bit subjective, then I am going to predict that if I do almost everything right, I should not have a problem placing in the top 10%, hence the title "Road to Top 10". However, if I place outside of the top 10%, but still in the top 15%, I will still pat myself in the back for a job well done.

So the question now is, "What must I do to place in the top 10% of my law school class"? To be honest, I don't know. But what I do know is that it’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to require countless hours of preparation and study.

I am also going to assume that as of today, I am less prepared and skilled than most of my future classmates. Why is this? Well, to start, my GPA and my LSAT fall under my law school’s median numbers. To be honest, a big reason why I think I even got an offer was because I am a URM and because in my Personal Statement I was able to successfully communicate the significant amount of adversity that I faced in my life, and my diversity (edit: and because of the great tips from TLS). Moreover, English is not my native language, my undergraduate school was a Tier 4, and my undergraduate major required almost no writing, hence my writing skills are poor. So I think it’s safe to assume that if I don't exponentially prepare myself more than my future classmates, I will not even graduate in the top half of my class.

I am emphasizing my weaknesses so that when I post my law school preparation strategy you will not freak out. Remember, the strategy that I will layout for myself in the next couple of days is one that I feel will fit best for me. We all have different strengths and weaknesses so what I think will be helpful to me, can probably be a waste of your time. So if you are a HYS 0L, then this is probably not the blog for you… unless you are looking for entertainment ;-). Nonetheless, I am still a 0L, so if you have some advice for me, feel free to comment!

I have spent many hours researching the Top Law School forums and many other websites in order to craft a plan of success that I think will suit me best. I am forever indebted to the Top Law Schools website and I am very thankful for all the TLS contributors.

It’s already May and I start classes in August, so I will post my plan soon and then I will start preparing like a maniac! Wish me luck!
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Plan of Action - Month 1: Books to Read

Postby RoadToTop10 » Fri May 08, 2009 1:47 am

Private message me or go to my personal blog (LinkRemoved) to comment. I appreciate input and feedback.

Plan of Action: Month 1 - Books to Read

Based on my research, it seems like the best way to prepare for law school early is by reading skill based materials. My first month will be used strictly for this, with emphasize on my weak spots. I will post book reviews as I finish reading each book. I’m not planning on reading these books slowly unless the I think the information is very important and I’m hoping all this reading can help me a bit with the reading comprehension side.

Books Planning to Read:

1. Skim through “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grammar and Style”. I’m not looking to spend more than a couple of days with this. The reason I am reading this book is because my writing is really poor, I need to refresh some of this stuff, and I’m sure I can still learn a few things from this book that can be helpful. However, if I notice that this is a waste of time, then I will put it away. I bought this book last year so this costs me nothing.

2. “Law School Confidential” by Robert Miller. This is supposed to give me a good overview on what to expect from law school and how to succeed. Hopefully I can get through this book in only a couple of days. I will highlight important parts just in case I choose to review it later.

I’m also considering buying “Planet Law School ll” by Atticus Falcon if I don’t feel like I got enough from LSC.

3. “Learning Legal Reasoning” by John Delaney. I’ve heard only great things about this book.

4. “Getting to Maybe” by Richard Michael Fischl and Jeremy Paul. I’ve also heard nothing but great things about this book. It’s supposed to help you do well in what really matters in law school, final exams.

I am also considering buying “How to Do Your Best on Law School Exams” by John Delaney, for law exam tips, but only if I’m ahead of my reading.

5. “The Elements of Legal Style” by Bryan Garner. Like the title suggests, this book is suppose to help me with my legal writing. I don’t know what to expect from this book, or how long it’ll take me to get through it. But I could definitely use some tips.

My goal is to get through these books in 1 month so that I can move on to E&E’s and other recommended materials.

I should also add that I am only planning on dedicating my about 5-7 hours Mon-Fri to my readings this month, so like 25-35 hours a week (like a part-time job). Moreover, I am not currently working, have no kids, and I am not married, so I have tons of free time. If I had some of the responsibilities that some of you guys have, then I probably would just read a book or two, but since that is not the case, I refuse to spend my summer having margaritas by the beach everyday (maybe just on the weekends ;-) ). I have already read some great articles and posts on succeeding in law school and I have been excited about prepping throughout the entire time. I think I will actually enjoy reading the books I mentioned, or at least most of them. I am also not giving up much. I will continue to go out with my friends, spend time with the family, and tend to my other goals and hobbies.

I mentioned the E&E's because I was planning on reading or skimming through a couple of them during my second month of prep. I am planning on doing this because there has been many "if i could do my first semester again..." threads and posts where 1L's regret not reading or skimming E&E's before their first semester while others credit the E&E's for some of their success. My plan is also flexible and I might switch things around a bit. But the one thing that I am not changing is the 25-35 hours a week that I'm allocating for preparation during the summer. Its not that big of a sacrifice, especially when considering my career may depend on it.

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