Cornell ($$$) vs Northwestern ($$+)

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Cornell ($$$) vs Northwestern ($$+)

Postby DATlsatBOI » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:45 pm

Goals is BL in non-NY east coast (Boston, Philly, DC, etc)

Cornell seems to be the better choice based on its location and powerhouse placement numbers for BL. Northwestern has a consistently higher rank but I get the impression that the difference is negligible. I would much much prefer living in Chicago than Ithaca for three years though. And COA is surprisingly equal (like 5k) given the lower tuition at Northwestern.

Everyone I know are ooh-ing at my Cornell acceptance and are very confused as to why I'm even considering Northwestern. While I feel like Cornell really is better for my goals, I want to hear your objective opinions and make sure I'm making a grounded life decision.

I also have a $$$$+ WUSTL offer but I assume that it is safe to clear that option given my goals.



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Re: Cornell ($$$) vs Northwestern ($$+)

Postby QContinuum » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:14 pm

Congrats on your offers!

Yes, while WUSTL is a terrific law school and has lately posted gangbusters BigLaw numbers, it remains a T20 and thus disproportionately vulnerable (relative to the T13) to any potential economic downturn (and we're very likely to get one in the next few years if history is any guide). Since you have two terrific T13 offers with $$$ on the table, and your goal is BigLaw, I'd eliminate WUSTL from consideration.

You should feel free to attend whichever school you prefer between Cornell and NW. Both will get you east coast BigLaw - Cornell's BigLaw strength is primarily centered on NYC, so I don't think you'd be at any disadvantage at NW vis-a-vis Cornell in Boston/Philly/DC. I think you'd do well either way. If you "much much prefer" living in Chicago, then go to NW. (Though keep in mind you won't have much downtime during 1L, which is going to be grueling no matter which school you attend/which city you live in, and if you were to attend Cornell, you wouldn't need to spend your 1L summer in Ithaca and would definitely not spend your 2L summer in Ithaca. So it's not really three calendar years of being stuck in upstate NY!)


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Re: Cornell ($$$) vs Northwestern ($$+)

Postby beinghuman » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:40 pm

Did you get to visit either school? I think both would give you relatively similar opportunities so I would go with the cheaper option unless you feel particularly strongly about being in Chicago versus Ithaca.

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