Texas or Georgetown or UCI

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Which one would you choose?

Texas COA $160,000
Georgetown COA $190,000
UC Irvine COA $105,000
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Texas or Georgetown or UCI

Postby gtowntexas » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:37 pm

I was admitted to both of these schools and I have no idea which to go to. I am from CA and I want to ideally stay in CA but I think I should prioritize choosing a school that will provide me with the best career outcome and financial outcome. I have a 169/3.1 GPA, Ive taken the LSAT 3 times. My career goal is Big Law or a job that pay wells. I am also interested in public interest specifically Housing and Immigration Law.

My COA for each school according to LST is:

Georgetown COA $195,000 after $75,000 scholarship
Texas Coa $163,000 after $55,000 scholarship

I guess my question is: Is Georgetown worth the extra $30k than Texas law?

or should I just go to UCI?
COA $105,000 after $90,000 scholarhsip


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Re: Texas or Georgetown or UCI

Postby beinghuman » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:23 pm

That's a tough choice.
I'd have usually said retake but since this is your third time, it might not be the best advice.

The three schools above would require that you do very well to get the opportunities you seek. If you can see yourself living and working in Texas, this might be a good option. Georgetown is fine but very expensive to attend and live in DC but it would provide with marginally better outcomes. I don't know a lot about UCI but I think that to work in CA you'd need to be in the top of your class if you go there.

Is there anything you can do to improve your chances of maybe going to Cornell at least? Maybe additonal work experience or a better personal statement +early application. Your LSAT score is not bad at all so you should have a decent shot.

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