Regional School Question

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Regional School Question

Postby IamKrisBars » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:52 pm

I have yet to get my acceptance letters back, however, based on my LSAT and GPA I have a very high chance for the two schools I am going to ask about. Also, opinions on admission chances to University of Houston will be nice. I included some of my application criteria.

I want to work in the Houston area. I have applied to U Houston and Texas A&M but am unsure if I will get accepted. I scored a 156 and have a 2.93 cumulative GPA due to a bad year in 2010... My Degree GPA is 3.93 and I have 7 semesters straight of dean's or president's list at a SUNY school. I have a letter of recommendation from a professor who graduated from Harvard, A professor who is a lawyer, and a President at Exxon Mobile. Do I have a shot in your opinion?

Second, and more important question.

If I do not get into U Houston and want to work in that market, would it be better to attend the unranked South Texas College of Law in Houston, or, would Louisiana State University be a possible choice given its proximity to Houston?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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