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I am accepted at both schools (3.4 undergrad/3.8 graduate/162). Tuition at CWRU would be 8000/yr. OSU would be 19000/yr. My interests have primarily been in health care issues, and CWRU is a Top 10 school for health law. They offered me a fellowship in health law, and have a medical law clinic I could participate in. There is also an option to get a concentration in health law; if my GPA in the concentration remains above 3.5, I will graduate with honors in the concentration.

However, OSU is a better rank overall (30 vs 57) and has better connections in public policy and government. I am currently living in CLE and am very tired of the city; Columbus sounds like a much more exciting place to live/work/exist. While there is not an available concentration, there is a wide range of health law classes and a health law society. I am currently drafting an email to negotiate more with the financial aid/scholarship office and hoping for the best.

If they do not offer more, is the financial difference (about 30k extra in debt, when all is said and done) worth the higher rank? Do concentrations actually matter when looking for jobs (i.e. would the health law concentration be an advantage in the field) as that is the main benefit I see with CWRU?

If it matters, I'm also hoping to stay in Ohio (Cincinnati ideally, or Columbus) post-graduation.


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Postby albanach » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:46 pm

How many health law fellowships do they offer each year at CWRU?. How many of last year's and the prior year's currently have full time jobs in health law?

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