Duke vs Michigan vs Penn

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Duke vs Mich vs Penn

Poll ended at Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:07 pm

Duke ($55k scholarship)
Michigan ($90k scholarship)
Penn ($40k scholarship)
Total votes: 37


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Re: Duke vs Michigan vs Penn

Postby cavalier1138 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:58 pm

michlaw wrote:
cavalier1138 wrote:
michlaw wrote:I do think east coast matters on the east coast. And Ivy's matter to other Ivy's and on the east coast there are lots of them. I think Penn matters particularly if you look at anything other than law. I liked Michigan a great deal but it is it's own island. The cache of the Big Ten is a sporting conference. East coasters they start craving Ivy's in preschool and it never really stops.

Ivy for undergrad is not the same as Ivy for law school. That's pretty common knowledge.

Your comments always seem to be those of one looking at the world through a keyhole. Good luck with that.

Dude. You go to Michigan (I assume). How do you still think that the Ivy League is an important distinction for law schools?

Also, sweet ad hominem. Not particularly responsive or witty, but I believe in encouraging people until thy get better.

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Re: Duke vs Michigan vs Penn

Postby Kungfu Wontons » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:36 am

UVA2B wrote:
existentialcrisis wrote:
michlaw wrote:Penn is probably worth 50k more. It's Ivy and east coast. The only hedge is total debt which is a big number. 50k more to be repaid in 10 years is a big deal. 50k over a lifetime not so much. If your choice is between M and D then M.

Ivy thing doesn't matter. I don't think Penn gives any boost for DC. I'm not even positive it gives much of a boost for NYC.

Yeah, there is some weird rationale in this thread comparing peers. They should be compared based on cost more than anything. If they're equal, pick based on other stuff, but if they're not, and you want Biglaw (DC or mostly elsewhere), pick the cheapest option.

$50k isn't much over a career, but you know what else isn't different over the course of a career? Graduating from Penn instead of Duke or Duke instead of Michigan, or whatever superiority you might believe among peers.

ETA: Really it was the two more recent posts, the earlier posts are all in line with reality

Yes, agreed, neither cost differential nor outcome differential is significant between the 3 schools. Therefore decide based on other factors. Namely OP's preferences.

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