Top foreign JD + US LLM vs US law school

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Top foreign JD + US LLM vs US law school

Postby yeaboi222 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:46 pm

Hi guys. Just need some advice here from you guys as the internet has not been very helpful with my dilemma.

I am an Australian undergrad student planning to hopefully study law in the US. I've got family and friends there and studied there for a big part of my undergrad and basically love it. Particularly LA where I went on exchange for a while. My dream end goal is to work in Biglaw in SoCal, but I also have alot of family and friends in Chicago and NY. if i can't get into biglaw in these places i'd probably want to work in criminal law or something.

Anyway I'm torn between a few options for my law studying. I have guaranteed entry with no fees for the JD at the best university in my country (University of Melbourne in Australia, ranked 8th in the world in 2016 for law). My undergrad GPA will be LSAC 'above average' and i have a 173 LSAT. At melbourne uni they have a program where you can do your first 2 years of study in melbourne (essentially free), and then do your last year at NYU (full cost) and you get a JD from melbourne uni + an LLM from NYU.
My other option is to do the JD at melbourne (3 years, free) and then apply for other LLM programs in america (probably ones in California would have better placement in that market right?).
OR i could just apply for JD programs in the US straight out of undergrad (i graduate end of 2017). This would be my most preferred option, but I know american law schools can be very very expensive, so my other options might be far more cost effective.
also please note that american JD programs will allow me to practice law at home in Australia (I just have to do a free government funded 6 month bridging course)

which of these options would be the most cost effective for achieving my goals?
can a top foreign student from a very good law school from an English speaking country get a Biglaw job out of an LLM program?
I know doing a JD is probably much better for biglaw placement than an LLM. Which schools would i be competitive with with an 'above average'/173 LSAT/very very good resume and EC's (national level athlete and good internships + involved on campus)? Particularly schools that place well in LA/NY/CHI & markets that don't require ties.
Would I be competitive for any scholarships at any of these schools?

Basically, if anyone has any advice for my situation, it would be greatly appreciated. I love these forums and the community on here, and it has provided heaps of info for me about the american legal market ! :)

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