Columbia v NYU re: federal/state gov work

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Columbia v NYU re: federal/state gov work

Postby 2020throwaway » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:53 pm

I know there are many many many threads on this overall topic, and the sane conclusions to draw are go with the money, go with your gut, they are peer schools.

In the current times, regarding clerkships and fedgov/state AG/ USAO, is there a meaningful difference between the two schools? How should one pick, given equal money (within 10k?). Both of the schools have excellent alums (does CLS have an edge on the national level?) and there are things to like about the location of each. NYU alums also talk about the feeling and institutional support. Having a hard time deciding where to put down a deposit.

LRAP considerations? PSLF in the long-term? career support and alumni involvement?

Seems like polls on this site always go towards CLS probably because of the name cache.

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