Go to a #65 school or go to a MA Program and reapply next cycle?

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Go to a #65 school or go to a MA Program and reapply next cycle?

Postby zrbrown95 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:29 pm

So, I was accepted to Loyola LA with at $40K scholly and am still awaiting decisions from UCLA & USC. I have a 3.4 GPA and a 162 LSAT which are both below UCLA & USC 25th% so I am not very confident about my chances of getting in even being a URM with great LoRs & strong Statement.

My PTs were in the 169s leading up to my second take and I am confident that if I took the LSAT once more (although it would be my 3rd time) I would be able to get a 167-169, especially with several months to study (would prob take Sept LSAT). Also, I have been admitted to UCLA MA in AfAm Studies which is fully funded with a $20k living stipend. I really want to do the MA as it's one of my passions and I think would aid be in being a better/well rounded PI attorney.

My question is do I: 1) go to Loyola with the $40k/yr scholly; 2) defer Loyola (binding) and do the MA; or 3) withdraw from all schools, do the MA, and reapply next cycle shooting for USC/UCLA?

Background: Currently at USC double majoring in Spanish & American Studies. Want to do PI work hopefully, might change the route depending on LRAP & Loan Forgiveness. I am a URM. I recognize I probably won't get a ton of scholarship money even applying next year and am okay with that. I'm just wondering if it's worth reapplying in the event that I don't get in this cycle.

Any insight or thoughts are helpful! Thanks!!

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Re: Go to a #65 school or go to a MA Program and reapply next cycle?

Postby RCSOB657 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:32 pm

Get fluent in Spanish.

Move to Southwestern States

Profit in PI.

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Re: Go to a #65 school or go to a MA Program and reapply next cycle?

Postby zot1 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:35 pm

Ugh, I hate helping a Trojan, but someone has to.

1. You don't need an MA to be a well rounded PI attorney. If your career goal is in fact to be an attorney, don't waste your time getting another degree.
2. You're not going to a ranked 65th school. Yes, technically that's the school's ranking. But for someone who likely wants to live and work in LA, national rankings are less important. LA has a pecking order. You know Loyola is at the bottom and keeps dipping. Still, not 65th but more like 7th.
3. If you're goal is to do PI and you know you won't change your mind, going at the least amount of money is ideal. You can't rely on public loan forgiveness at the moment so please don't make a decision based on that. Because of this, I strongly recommend retaking. I think you can get a better scholarship if you increase your lsat a bit. $40 k/year at Loyola covers only about half of your total cost of attendance.
4. Go Bruins!

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