Cornell $ vs. Georgetown $$

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Re: Cornell $ vs. Georgetown $$

Postby Npret » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:36 pm

feefeeriri wrote:
Npret wrote:FWIW Georgetown seems to give you two years to apply, but it isn't clear if that allows you to do biglaw private practice and then switch. ... -Apply.cfm ... AP-III.cfm

But obviously I am only posting links here. Neither school seems to expressly allow you to move from private practice to LRAP as other plans will, but it is absolutely not clear.

You need to email and find out!

Cornell's response: You would qualify for our LRAP program (PILIPP II) as long as you are in qualifying employment and under the income cap. You may participate in the PILIPP II program for a maximum of 10 non consecutive years.

Oh that's great. Thanks for checking and posting this.


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Re: Cornell $ vs. Georgetown $$

Postby Rigo » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:39 pm

Heres the handy handy dandy TLS LRAP spreadsheet: ... Y/htmlview

It seems you can get on the Cornell plan anytime but must get on Georgetown within 2 years of graduation.

Wow I didn't know IBR isnt required for Cornell. That's p sweet actually.

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