Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard for PI/clerking

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Re: Columbia (Hamilton) vs. Harvard for PI/clerking

Postby Veil of Ignorance » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:25 pm

Hildegard15 wrote:
Veil of Ignorance wrote:
This is kinda strange but I was perusing LSN today and remember your profile, because we have very similar numbers. Do you wish you'd taken Columbia, Chicago, or Michigan? I'd love the perspective, because I *hope* to end up in your position.

Columbia. Michigan wasn't in my final four. For me it came down to H, Columbia, Chicago, and Cornell. I absolutely loved Columbia when I visited, and I had a ton of ties to Cornell/Ithaca so I ended up eliminating Chicago even though I didn't get to visit.

Thanks for the reply! That's too bad that you have regrets about Columbia, of course. But at least you'll graduate with a degree from the most famous university in the world :wink: .

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